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Birthdate:Jan 25
I feel like I have something to tell someone. I have a new window into life. New for me, that is. I built that window from scratch... not knowing that it would be a window when I finished, and not knowing really what I was doing. I didn't enjoy that part, I like knowing what the end is of a path I'm on. It's a defect about me. So... now I've built the window (or maybe I'm mistaken and I'm knocking out the entire wall so I can... breathe fresh air? Make an addition? I don't know, it's not finished yet)... but now I've built a window, I think I'd like to make a written account of how and why I did that. In case someone else finds themselves tearing holes in their walls, and dreaming of something more than the smooth, flat surface they have.

I'm an engineer and a scientist by training, and it is second nature to me to document what I do... and to write about it technically, as objectively as possible. I believe very strongly in the principle of community knowledge, and the idea that information-- when at all possible-- should be stored for later use. I'm a romantic at heart, though. So now you know where I'm coming from.

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10 things i hate about you), a cappella, a. a. milne, all time favorites: fiddle music/bluegrass, anne rice, barbershop, c.s. lewis, card, dahl are huge favorites, deeply truthful (in her shoes, don juan with johnny depp), eastern promises, engineering, flannel pajamas), french kiss), harrowing and beautiful (pan's labrynth, herbert, human condition, i thoroughly appreciate the art of film., impressionism and surrealism, j.k. rowling, jason mraz, joyce carol oates, kissing, larry mcmurtry, light and penseive (practical magic, love, matchbox twenty, mostly fiction:, movies can be fast and fun (die hard, my cat, or drenchingly revealing (momento, perhaps i don't always understand it, rand, relationships, requiem or a dream)..., rob thomas, rudyard kipling, sex, stephanie meyer, sweet adeline, tabitha's secret), terry pratchet, tolkein
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